Short 1-2Q24 Roadmap: ntop Cloud, Towards 200 Gbit, Cybersecurity, Low-end nBox

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Happy new year everyone! Thos who followed our November webinar know already that we’re working at new features and improvements in our tools. Below you can find a short list of features we plan to implement by the end of spring:

    • ntop cloud. This is the major activity where we’re involved. As already said, for the time being we do not plan to create a SaaS solution (yet) but to create a communication mechanism that allow users to interact with their instances regardless of how they have been deployed. In essence enable users to:
      • Supervise all their deployed instances across the Internet or on private servers from a unique dashboard.
      • Get notified when some of them become inactive.
      • Receive notifications and alerts without having a browser open.
      • Manage licenses more easily introducing the concept of service usage rather per-systemId as today.
      • Promote collaboration across instances, in particular for sharing information about attacks or anomalies.

      Developing the ntop cloud requires a lot of work as it is a service that must be available all the time to all users who are distributed across the globe, hence we plan to make an initial release, and subsequent improvements in sub-releases. The initial version will be available by the end of winter, but the release of the ntop cloud will need some more time (3/4Q24 according to our plans).

    • 100 Gbit using commodity hardware. As our users know, it’s a while that we’re able to do traffic analysis at 100 Gbit using commodity hardware. We have developed a new version of n2disk that is able to do 40/100 Gbit using commodity network adapters and it’s in test before release. At the same time, we want to push traffic analysis and packet-to-disk at 200 Gbit using FPGA-based adapters that will be released later this spring.
    • Cybersecurity analysis will be improved adding new security indicators for understanding changes in behaviour and spotting anomalies that cannot be easily detected using the algorithms we have today. For the time being we’re still using statistical methods, but we’re also making experiments with ML to evaluate their pro/cons with respect to the methods we’re using today.
    • OT monitoring will be improved. We’ve new partners we’re working with, that are integrating our tools in their OT products to provide visibility and cybersecurity at low-cost (most OT solutions available today on the market are very expensive and not simple to use for people working in manufacturing).
    • Low-end nBox: we will introduce a new low-cost nBox that thanks for hardware improvements and resource optimisation in our tools, is able to fit on cheap x64 boxes and be able to monitor a SME. The integration with the future ntop cloud will further ease deployment and remote supervision.
    • nProbe/nProbe Cento are enhanced for monitoring mobile operator networks at 40/100 Gbit, so in essence scaling up with speed while providing a software-based architecture able to monitor modern high-speed telco networks.

As you can see we’re busy working. it would be nice to have your feedback using our community channels.


Enjoy !