ntopng Edge Bandwidth Control

ntopng Edge helps network administrators ensure a smooth, controlled operation of complex networks by accurately managing the many different connected devices that compete to access the Internet. Internet access is almost always limited by download and upload bandwidths provided by the Internet Service Provider (ISP) and such bandwidths get easily saturated, especially when many multiple devices are accessing the Internet. It is common to experience a “bad Internet” in crowded public Internet places, including hotels, cruise ships, bars and restaurants where even just a single device has the potential to jeopardize the network and negatively affect the Quality of Experience (QoE) of all the other devices.

ntopng Edge provides an intuitive Web-Based graphical interface to control how the available Internet bandwidth is used among the devices. The maximum download and upload bandwidths can easily be policed for any device with just a handful of clicks. Similarly, a policy for the minimum guaranteed upload and download speeds can be set for every device.

Examples of bandwidth controls supported include

  • “Share the available upload and download speed evenly among all the connected devices”
  • “Reserve at least 50% of the download bandwidth to important devices”
  • “Share the 70% of the available bandwidth evenly among customers, and the other 30% evenly among the staff”

ntopng Edge allows even a finer bandwidth control which takes into account also human users (rather that just devices) and Layer-7 application protocols. Layer-7 policies can quickly be set for example to prevent Tor from being used or to throttle BitTorrent, just to name a few.