Wire Speed Packet Capture

PF_RING has been known since its first release 2004 for accelerating packet capture. Since some time we also support packet transmission, for providing our users a comprehensive solution for all network processing needs. For us, packet capture does not mean just provide users a buffer with some data, but it also means that we need to provide a rich set of features for manipulating, filtering, and processing packets at high rates.

Our blog contains many posts about PF_RING that you can use for understanding what you can do with it. PF_RING packet capture acceleration is available on three flavors, based on the driver you are using:

  • Native Drivers
  • PF_RING-aware drivers
  • DNA drivers.

On the PF_RING page you can find all details. On a nutshell we offer you on commodity hardware (i.e. a PC with a cheap Intel-based NIC) the ability to receive and transmit at wire rate, any packet size, at 1 and 10 Gbit. No costly NICs, no crazy licensing, nothing but pure speed and low cost using open source software. Full stop.