nProbe 9.6 Released: IPS, ClickHouse, Observation Points, FreeBSD Support

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This is to announce the release of nProbe 9.6 whose main features include:

Enjoy !


New Features

  • New support for FreeBSD/OPNsense/pfsense
  • New UI plugin for configuring nProbe in OPNsense
  • New IPS mode, supported both on Linux (based on Netfilter) and FreeBSD/OPNsense/pfsense (based on Netmap)
  • New support for ClickHouse and Maria DB (in addition to MySQL and other export formats)
  • New AWS VPC Flow Logs collection (via dump files)

New Command Line Options

  • Extend -E to support 16-bit observationDomainId (IPFIX)
  • Add –ips-mode to enable IPS mode
  • Add –zmq-publish-events to enable collection of events from ntopng, including IPS policies
  • Add –ignore-obs-domain-id-port to ignore probe port and observation domain id
  • Add –ja3plus to enable JA3+
  • Add –version-json for exporting the version and license information in JSON format
  • Add –host-labels to load host labels from file
  • Add -D ‘T’ dump format (compressed text)
  • Add –collector-reforge-timestamps for reforging collected timestamps


  • Add %FLOW_VERDICT to report the verdict associated with the flow in IPS mode
  • Add %SRC_TO_DST_MAX_EST_THROUGHPUT %DST_TO_SRC_MAX_EST_THROUGHPUT to export per direction throughput
  • Add %SRC_HOST_LABEL %DST_HOST_LABEL to export host labels configured with –host-labels
  • Add %L7_RISK_SCORE for associating flow risk score with a flow
  • Add %OBSERVATION_POINT_TYPE %OBSERVATION_POINT_ID for exporting Observation Point information
  • Add %L7_INFO with L7 flow information (used by ntopng)


  • Add support for decoding fragmented tunnelled packets
  • Improve Throughput calculation
  • Extend max template size to 256
  • Add handlign of ingress VLAN on sFlow extended switch data
  • Enhance MPLS-tagged packet decoding
  • Improve dump to Influx DB


  • Fix crash when using –pcap-file-list with –zmq
  • Fix Win CLI option handling
  • Fix L2TP dissection of tunnels with optional lenght set
  • Fix -i DIR option (pcaps are read continuously until shutdown)
  • Fix handling of %EXPORTER_IPV4_ADDRESS in template when using @NTOPNG@
  • Fix support of large packets (> MTU) due to GTO/TSO/LRO
  • Fix RTP invalid memory allocation
  • Fix @NTOPNG@ template that caused TCP flags to be sent only on one direction, generating invalid security alerts
  • Fix/rework flow direction and %DIRECTION information element
  • Fix crash with too many templates defined


  • Add configuration Wizard (nprobe-config) for configuring nProbe
  • Windows now uses a virtual NT SERVICE\nprobe account
  • Add support for reading the configuration from both the configuration file and CLI parameters (at the same time)
  • Add scripts for configuring Netfilter with nProbe in IPS mode (installed under /usr/share/nprobe/netfilter/scripts)
  • Add/improve support for embedded systems, including:
    • OpenWRT
    • Ubiquity (e.g. EdgeRouter X)
    • Raspberry (Raspbian)
  • Removed obsolete –ndpi-proto and –ndpi-proto-ports