ntopng, the next generation version of the original ntop, a network traffic probe that shows the network usage, similar to what the popular top Unix command does. ntopng is based on libpcap and it has been written in a portable way in order to virtually run on every Unix platform, MacOSX and on Win32 as well.


PF_RING ZC is a flexible 1/10 Gbit line-rate packet processing framework, implementing a clean API that can be used to create multi-thread, multi-process, multi-VM clusters. It can be considered as the successor of DNA/Libzero offering a consistent API based on the lessons learnt on the past few years.

(Jul 11th, 2014)

We have been asked many times to create some videos that introduce novice users to our tools and products. Although English is not our mother tongue, we have decided to take this request seriously and … Continue reading

(Jun 25th, 2014)

As you know via ZMQ you can use ntopng as collector for nProbe instances. You can decide to merge all probes into one single ntopng interface (i.e. all the traffic will be merged and mixed) … Continue reading