Using nProbe as NetFlow-Lite Cache

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As previously stated on this blog, we have worked tightly with Cisco as nProbe has been selected as reference implementation for NetFlow-Lite flow conversion. Although NetFlow-Lite support has been added to nprobe since version 6.1.4 and it’s available on all supported platforms (both Unix and Windows), with nProbe 6.5 (just released) we have moved NetFlow-Lite support to the next level. This is because nProbe now features both a

  • Specialized plugin for NetFlow-lite flow collection that increases of 5x times the collection performance.
  • PF_RING kernel plugin (Linux only) that can convert NetFlow-Lite flows at over 1 million flows/sec (performance measured on a Xeon server).

For further information about nProbe NetFlow-Lite support, there is a specific web page that describes in detail the plugin features and supported platforms. This is to say that it’s now time for Cisco 4948E users (this is the first switch family that support NetFlow-Lite) to upgrade the IOS and start adding visibility to the LAN.

Many thanks again to Cisco for having supported this development work.