Introducing nDPI 1.6

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This is to announce the availability of nDPI 1.6, a maintenance release that consolidates this open source deep packet inspection library. This is going to be the last version of the 1.x branch, as we plan (see the enhancements we have planned) major changes for the 2.0 release.


  • Moved to github, with continuous testing tools (Travis-CI) and automatic regression testing (via Travis) for improving library quality.
  • New dissector for the QUIC protocol.
  • Major enhancements for Skype, and Tor detection.
  • Reduced memory usage per nDPI flow (up to 40% with respect to 1.5.1).
  • Added protocol breed (safe, unsafe….) and thus further classify protocols onto smaller groups.
  • Ported to the MIPS platform (Ubiquity Networks), and added fixes for the ARM platform.
  • Updated Windows project for building nDPI under Windows.
  • Improved dissectors: Facebook, DropBox, Viber, YouTube, RDP, Ayiya, RTCP/RTP,
  • Added support for Vevo.

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