Released nDPI 2.2.2: 7 New Protocols, Many Improvements

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This is to announce a minor nDPI release update that adds a few fixes and introduces support for popular cloud protocols such as Google and Apple push service. Below you can find the complete changelog.


Main New Features

  • Initial experimental Hyperscan support
  • ndpi_get_api_version API call to be used in applications that are dynamically linking with nDPI
  • –enable-debug-messages to enable debug information output
  • Increased number of protocols to 512

New Supported Protocols and Services

  • GoogleDocs
  • GoogleServices
  • AmazonVideo
  • ApplePush
  • Diameter
  • GooglePlus
  • WhatsApp file exchage


  • WhatsApp detection
  • Amazon detection
  • Improved Google Drive
  • Improved Spotify support
  • Improved SNI matching when using office365
  • Improved HostShield VPN


  • Fixed invalid RTP/Skype detection
  • Fixed possible out-of-bounds due to malformed DHCP packets
  • Fixed buffer overflow in function ndpi_debug_printf