Do you offer money-back guarantee for commercial licenses?

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Before purchasing commercial licenses, you have the ability to test the products to make sure that they fit your needs. All commercial products runs without license for limited time, and in case you need a longer testing period you can contact us to request a testing license.

If you decide that you want to buy one license, we give you additional time to test it. In fact we offer you money-back guarantee until the end of the month you made the purchase. For instance if you purchased the license the 8th of June, you can request to be fully refunded until June 30th. This is because we issue invoices at the end of the month, so you have time to claim the money back before we issue the invoice. Once the invoice has been issued, (for tax reasons) we assume your purchase is permanent and thus no refund is possible. If you need the invoice immediately after purchase, you can contact us and we’ll issue it: in this case no refund will be possible.

In case you ask us to return you the money, we will refund you the net amount amount we received (i.e. the amount you paid deduced of the transaction fees, if any, we paid to credit card companies).