Why you don’t keep an archive of old package versions?

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We have decided to keep online at http://packages.ntop.org only the latest version of stable and development versions of our packages. This is because:

  • We want our users to always run the latest version of the packages, that have theoretically the best features and less bugs with respect to the previous versions.
  • Whenever a customer reports a bug, we will fix it in the current development (and also the stable version if it’s a crash or similar) and not on the customer version of the application that might be very outdated. This is because maintaining various versions of software is a time consuming process.

For this reason, if you need an archive of ntop software packages we encourage you to build it internally and so backup such versions. However please remember that all fixes will be implemented only in the current stable and development versions, so staying on the latest version is always a good pratice.