Introducing n2n 2.6 with AES Encryption

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This is to introduce you the latest n2n 2.6 stable release. This is mostly a maintenance release to address the issues of 2.4 that has been the first release since a long time of silence. The main features are

  • AES encryption that features an overall speed bump (12x speed) and security with respect to twofish used in the previous n2n version.
  • Extensive Windows and OpenWRT support.
  • Full peer-to-peer topology support.
  • Stable and more resilient connection.

Below you can find the complete changelog..




– Add ability to specify a whitelist of allowed communities on the supernode
– Implement local peers discovery via multicast
– Windows compilation fixes and instructions
– MacOS compilation fixes and instructions
– Add support for multiple edge systemd services
– Implement AES encryption for increased security and throughput
– Add benchmark tool for the encryption throughput
– Improve the connection stability and the chances to establish a P2P connection
– Remove keyschedule support to simplify the encryption code
– Integrate the changes made in the meyerd fork of n2n
– Implement packet stats for P2P vs supernode communication
– Replace peers linked list with hash table for faster lookup in big networks
– Automatically drop privileges to user n2n
– n2n version improvements
– Add support for ARM64 build
– Instructions and makefile file to build n2n on OpenWRT
– More options to control MTU, P2P connections, TOS and log verbosity
– Implement a wireshark dissector for the n2n protocol
– Remove calls to system() in tuntap_linux and use netlink instead
– Implement n2n-decode utility to decode and dump traffic to PCAP