ntopng Deep Dive: Interview with Ivan Pepelnjak

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Last month Ivan Pepelnjak interviewed me on Software Gone Wild about ntop and ntopng.

The main topic of the interview were:

  • How it all started and why did Luca decide to start the ntop (and PF_RING) project?
  • What is ntopng (next-generation ntop) and why did they rewrite the product?
  • What are nprobe and nbox?
  • The distributed architecture of ntopng, including probes, data sources, collectors, and the central analyzing engine;
  • Combining ntop and elastic search;
  • Why it makes sense to convert all data into JSON format?
  • What are the problems of 40GE packet capture?
  • How can you do high-speed DDoS prevention with ntopng?

You can read the whole interview and listen to the podcast . Be prepared as there will be a part II on PF_RING.