Introducing nDPI 4.4: Many New Protocols, Improvements and Cybersecurity Features

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This is to introduce nDPI 4.4 that includes the development activities of the last six months. As with previous releases we are improving protocol support, automatic testing to harden the code for critical environments, and introducing new cybersecurity features for detecting risks and extracting metadata from protocols. Our idea is to make nDPI more user friendly, going beyond protocol detection, and adding the ability to interpret traffic and tell what is wrong and why.

You can read the full changelog, or find below an excerpt of the most relevant changes.

Enjoy !


4.4 Changelog


New Features

  • Add risk information that describes why a specific risk was triggered also providing metadata
  • Added API call ndpi_check_flow_risk_exceptions() for handling risk exceptions
  • Split protocols in: network (e.g. TLS) and application protocols (e.g. Google)
  • Extended confidence level with two new values (NDPI_CONFIDENCE_DPI_PARTIAL and NDPI_CONFIDENCE_DPI_PARTIAL_CACHE)
  • Added ndpi_get_flow_error_code() API call

New Supported Protocols and Services

  • Add protocol detection for:
    • UltraSurf
    • i3D
    • RiotGames
    • TSAN
    • TunnelBear VPN
    • collectd
    • PIM (Protocol Indipendent Multicast)
    • Pragmatic General Multicast (PGM)
    • RSH
    • GoTo products (mainly GoToMeeting)
    • Dazn
    • Agora Software Defined Real-time Network (SD-RTN)
    • Toca Boca
    • VXLAN


  • Improve protocol detection for:
    • SMTP/SMTPS now supports STARTTLS
    • OCSP
    • TargusDataspeed
    • Usenet
    • DTLS (added support for old versions)
    • TFTP
    • SOAP via HTTP
    • GenshinImpact
    • IPSec/ISAKMP
    • DNS
    • syslog
    • DHCP (various bug fixes and improvements)
    • NATS
    • Viber
    • Xiaomi
    • Raknet
    • gnutella
    • Kerberos
    • QUIC (Added support for v2drft 01)
    • SSDP
    • SNMP
  • Improved DGA detection
  • Improved AES-NI check
  • Add flow risk:


  • Added support for 64 bit bins
  • Added Cloudflare WARP detection patterns
  • Renamed Z39.50 -> Z3950
  • Replaced nDPI’s internal hashmap with uthash
  • Reimplemented 1kxun application protoco
  • Renamed SkypeCall to Skype_TeamsCall
  • Updated Python Bindings
  • Unless –with-libgcrypt is used, nDPI now uses its internal gcrypt implementation


  • Fixes for some protocol classification families
  • Fixed default protocol ports for email protocols
  • Various memory and overflow fixes
  • Disabled various risks for specific protocols (e.g. disable missing ALPN for CiscoVPN)
  • Fix TZSP decapsulation


  • Update ASN/IPs lists
  • Improved code profiling
  • Use Doxygen to generate the API documentation
  • Added Edgecast and Cachefly CDNs.