September Webinars: ntopng Scripting and API Integrations

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Save the date! Two webinars have been planned for the cycle of this month.

We start on Thursday, September 17th, 16:00 CEST / 10 AM EST, with “How to Write an ntopng Plugin“. In this workshop, we will see how to create an ntopng Lua plugin to generate alerts and opportunely update the ‘score’ indicator of compromise for hosts and flows. During the workshop, we will walk the audience through a typical workflow which can then be reused to write any kind of plugin. We will start with a simple “Hello World” plugin, and then we will extend its features, step-by-step, to generate alerts and update hosts and flows, depending on the nDPI “Risk Factor”. Intended audience is practitioners with minimal scripting skills. By the end of the workshop, participants will have sufficient skills and understanding necessary to extend ntopng with custom plugins.

Workshop agenda will be the following:

  • Introduction
    • ntopng extensibility
  • Basic concepts
    • Plugin functionalities
  • Goal definition
  • Hands on
    • Creating an “Hello World” plugin
    • Extending the plugin for the generation of alerts
  • Discussion
  • Wrap-Up and conclusions

This is the full recording of the webinar

Then, on Thursday, September 24th, 16:00 CEST / 10 AM EST, our friend Ronald Henderson will present “ntopng Data Acquisition API with Network Security Toolkit (NST)“. He will discuss NST production examples using the ntopng data acquisition API, including Geolocation Mercator Map, Google Earth KML Map and Google 3D Globe Multi-Series Maps. He will also demonstrate how ntopng has been integrated with NST, and show NST ntopng real-time Host and Flow Geolocation.

Presentation agenda will be the following:

  • Introduction information
  • Agenda Summary
  • Example NST production examples using the ntopng data acquisition API
    • Geolocation Mercator Map
    • Google Earth KML Map
    • Google 3D Globe Multi-Series Maps
  • Command line (CLI)
    • ntopng API Host Stats usage
    • ntopng API Flow Stats usage
  • Ntopng NST integration
  • NST WUI Ntopng usage
  • NST Ntopng real-time Host and Flow Geolocation demo
  • Ntopng nDPI ndpiReader demo
  • Q & A

Presentation will be held online on Microsoft teams at this link.