Telemetry Data in ntopng: Giving Back to the Community

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The latest ntopng 3.9 dev gives you the possibility to choose whether to send telemetry data back to ntop. We collect and analyze telemetry data to diagnose ntopng issues and make sure it’s functioning properly. In other words, telemetry data help us in finding and fixing certain bugs that may affect certain versions of ntopng.

And don’t worry, we won’t use any data to try and identify you. However, if you want to, you can decide to provide an email address we can use to reach you in case we detect your instance has anomalies.

So which kind of telemetry data is sent? Currently, the only telemetry data sent to ntop are crash reports. That is, when ntopng terminates anomalously, a tiny JSON containing ntopng version, build platform, operating system and startup options is sent to notify us that something went wrong.

At any time you can see the status of the telemetry by visiting the “Telemetry” page accessible from the “Home” menu. You can see all the details of the data that may be sent to our server, and also the most recent data which have been sent.

At any time you can consent or revoke the permission to send telemetry data, this is completely up to you. Deciding to send telemetry is a small act, but it has a great value for the community as it can foster a continuous improvement of ntopng. So please, visit the “Preferences” and choose to contribute!