nProbe Cento 1.20 Just Released

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This is to announce the release of nProbe Cento 1.20, that is basically a maintenance release that fixes some issues, improved metadata export using nDPI, and adds new platform and distributions support.

Below you can find the whole changelog.

Enjoy !


  • Add ARM support
  • Add support for dumping bad packets (–dump-bad-packets)
  • Add support for the latest nDPI API
  • Improve nDPI protocol guess


  • Fix bridge mode with standard drivers
  • Fix max interface speed detection with comma-separated list
  • Fix tx stats
  • Fix banned search
  • Fix permissions for the logrotate configuration file
  • Disable userspace aggregation with kernel drivers (not required)
  • More boundary checks


  • Add support (package) for Debian 12 “Bookworm”
  • Add support for quotes in conf file
  • Change printed version to make it parseable
  • Warn user on package update if maintenance is expired
  • Update dependencies (add libelf1, libbpf0)