Released nProbe Cento 1.8

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This is to announce the release of nProbe Cento 1.8 stable release. This is a maintenance release where we have made many reliability fixes and added new options to integrate this tool with the latest ntopng developments. We suggest all our users to update to this new release so you can benefit from the enhancements.

New Features

  • Added –json-labels option to print labels as keys with JSON
  • Added –tcp : option to export JSON over TCP export
  • Added –disable-l7-protocol-guess option to disable nDPI protocol guess
  • Support for ZMQ flows export with/without compression
  • Keepalive support with ZMQ


  • Fixed JSON generation and string escape
  • Fixed export drops when reading from a PCAP file
  • Fixed wrong detection of misbehaving flows
  • Fixed pkts and bytes counters in logged flows
  • Fixed license check when reading from PCAP file
  • Fixed size endianness in ZMQ export
  • Fixed ZMQ header version to be compatible with the latest ntopng
  • Crash and memory leak fixes