Introducing nProbe 8.4: New Metrics and Extensions, Improved Kafka Support

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This is to announce the release of nProbe 8.4 that introduces enhanced Kafka support and adds various extensions and stability fixes. We encourage all our users to move to this version. Below you can find the complete application changelog.

Enjoy !

Main New Features

  • Implements Kafka batching, options parsing, and variable number of producers
  • Adds Kafka messages transmission statistics

New Options

  • --plugin-dir to load plugins from the specified directory
  • --adj-from-as-path to get previous/next adjacent ASNs from BGP AS-path
  • --disable-sflow-upscale to disable sFlow upscaling


  • Implemented ICMP network latency
  • Added ICMP type/code on flow keys to differenciate ICMP flows from the same peers
  • sFlow upscale now takes into account sample drops
  • Improves throughput calculations with NetFlow
  • Improved RTP metrics calculation


  • Fixes framentation issues that could lead to crashes
  • Prevents leaks with multiple BGP updates
  • Fixes a crash when exporting option templates to Kafka
  • Fixes missing fields (e.g, FIREWALL_EVENT) in MySQL db columns
  • Preserve endianness of string_dump_as_hex NetFlow custom fields
  • Fixes overwrite of untunnelled addresses for tunnels after the first
  • Updates centos7 mysql dependency to work either with mysql and mariadb
  • Fixed invalid FTP detection
  • Fix for computing %DIRECTION even with reduced temolate IEs
  • Fixes wrong sFlow average scale estimation
  • Fix for wrapping ZMQ rates > 4Gbps
  • Fixed loop bug in plugin handling when multiple plugins are enabled