Introducing nDPI 2.6: several new dissectors, DPDK and Hyperscan support

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This is to announce the release of nDPI 2.6. Several dissectors have been improved and a few new ones have been added, as well we have improved the detection logic (this in case we have to guess the protocol due to incomplete data). This is also the first release of nDPI that natively supports Intel DPDK and also that improves Intel Hyperscan support. Please find below the complete changelog.




  • New Supported Protocols and Services
    • New Bitcoin, Ethereum, ZCash, Monero dissectors all identified as Mining
    • New dissector
    • New Nest Log Sink dissector
    • New UPnP dissector
    • Added support for SMBv1 traffic, split from SMBv23
  • Improvements
    • Improved Skype detection, merged Skype call in/out into Skype Call
    • Improved heuristics for Skype, Teredo, Netbios
    • Improved SpeedTest (Ookla) detection
    • Improved WhatsApp detection
    • Improved WeChat detection
    • Improved Facebook Messenger detection
    • Improved Messenger/Hangout detection
    • Improved SSL detection, prevent false positives
    • Improved guess for UDP protocols
    • Improved STUN detection
    • Better Hyperscan integration
    • Added more Ubuntu servers
    • Added missing categorization with giveup/guess
    • Optimizations for TCP flows that do not start with a SYN packet (early giveup)
  • Fixes
    • Fixed eDonkey false positives
    • Fixed Dropbox dissector
    • Fixed Spotify dissector
    • Fixed custom protocol loading
    • Fixed missing Application Data packet for TLS
    • Fixed buffer overflows
    • Fixed custom categories match by IP
    • Fixed category field not accounted in ndpi_get_proto_category
    • Fixed null pointer dereference in ndpi_detection_process_packet
    • Fixed compilation on Mac
  • Other
    • Deb and RPM packages: ndpi with shared libraries and binaries, ndpi-dev with headers and static libraries
    • Protocols now have an optional subprotocol: Spotify cannot have subprotocols, DNS can (DNS.Spotify)
    • New API functions:
      • ndpi_fill_ip_protocol_category to handle ICMP flows category
      • ndpi_flowv4_flow_hash and ndpi_flowv6_flow_hash to support the Community ID Flow Hashing (
      • ndpi_protocol2id to print the protocol as ID
      • ndpi_get_custom_category_match to search host in custom categories
    • Changed ndpi_detection_giveup API: guess is now part of the call
    • Added DPDK support to ndpiReader
    • Removed protocol (service no longer used)
    • Custom categories have now priority over protocol related categories
    • Improved clang support