How ntop built a web-based traffic analysis and flow collection with InfluxDB

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A couple of days ago InfluxData hosted a ntop webinar about how we have integrated InfluxDB into ntopng. Those who have not attended it can give a look at the presentation slides as well watch the webinar.

In essence:

  • ntopng is based on RRD for timeseries
  • As networks grow, ntopng needs to store more time series more granular.
  • RRD is file based, that is a good things as configuration is minimal, but it does not scale on mid/large networks.
  • We need an alternative, and found InfluxDB to be the best option available.
  • We’re now coding a thin time series layer that allows people to decide what time series-engine to use, either RRD or Influx (and in the future other technologies)
  • This presentation describes the problems we had to tackle with time series, and how we did integrate Influx.