Welcome to ntopng 3.4: Improved Alerts/SNMP/Asset Discovery, InfluxDB/Prometheus Support

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We’re happy to announce the release of ntopng 3.4 that introduces several enhancements and new features, some of which will be finalised in 3.6 due later this year. This version consolidates several months of work and paves the way to more radical changes planned for the next release. In particular beta features present in this version include support for InfluxDB and Prometheus so that you can use ntopng for exporting traffic data towards time-series databases (you can read about influx and prometheus). We have also revamped the alert implementation and introduced initial ntopng monitoring before we extend this code to include also host monitoring (we’re currently prototyping with eBPF, hoping it will serve all our host monitoring needs, including VM an container visibility). SNMP support has also been greatly enhanced including support of many new device types.

We encourage you to play with it, and join the development team. The whole changeling is listed below.




New features

  • Improved alerts generation
    • Send alerts via email
    • SNMP alerts on port status change
    • Alerts at ntopng startup/shutdown
    • ARP/IP re-assignments alerts
    • Beta support for InfluxDB and Prometheus
  • Multi-language support
    • English
    • Italian
    • German
  • “hide-from-top” to selectively hide hosts from top stats


  • Discovery with SSH scan and MDNS dissection
  • SNMP devices support
  • HTML documentation with ReadTheDocs
  • ERSPAN Type 2 detunneling
  • per-AS network latency stats
  • TCP KeepAlive stats
  • Redis connection via Unix domain socket

Security Fixes

  • Disables CGI support in mongoose
  • Hardened options parsing


  • Fixes memory leaks with SNMP
  • Fixes possible out-of-bounds reads with SSDP dissection