You’re Invited to the ntop MiniConference 2020: November 24th, December 3rd and 10th

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This year due to the pandemic, we had to cancel our scheduled community event. Considered that we have introduced many new features in our tools we would like to invite you to an online mini-conference divided in three distinct events. The first event is a general even where we briefly summarise what we have done in the individual tools so people can have an overview of what we have done and where we would like to go. The other two events are instead focusing on specific tools so people can join to learn more in details what are those features about, what problem they address, and how to use them. Below you can find the individual events schedule.

November 24th

  • Introduction: overview of 2020 changes and improvements, 2021 roadmap.
  • Update on nProbe 9.2, nProbe Cento 1.12, and nDPI 3.4
  • Overview of new features of ntopng 4.2
  • How to produce and deliver alerts to recipients and consumer applications
  • Martin Scheu, Switch: How to monitor ICS/Scada networks with ntopng
  • Francesco Carli,, New features introduced with n2n 2.8
  • Update on PF_RING 7.8 and n2disk 3.6
  • Public discussion with the ntop community

December 3rd

  • Using ntopng 4.2: real life scenarios that highlight how new features can be used in practical use cases
  • Jan Justus, CEO Tribe29: CheckMK integration with ntopng
  • Cristiano Bozzi, Nextworks: Using ntopng Edge in production
  • Giordano Zambelli, VerXo: Using ntopng in pharmaceutical and industrial environments
  • Christian Ferenz, CEO Cubro, Embedding ntopng in Cubro Omnia 10

December 10th

  • Luca Deri: nProbe Traffic Monitoring and Embedding
  • Carlos Talbot: Embedding ntopng on Ubiquity UDM
  • Matteo Biscosi: Using ntopng alerts and endpoints
  • Alfredo Cardigliano: n2disk deep dive
  • Marco Graziano: ntop Defender
  • Public discussion


  • All events will be online (English language)
  • They are scheduled at 4 PM CET / 10 AM EST in order to enable everyone to join.
  • All events will be recorded in case somebody misses them.
  • You do not need to register to attend them: just click on the event webinar URL (each event has a different URL)