10 Gbit PF_RING-based Hardware Packet Filtering and Balancing Previewed at the Intel Europe Conference

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Intel Research Europe Conference, Bruxelles, May 4th 2010

Luca Deri and Joseph Gasparakis, senior Intel engineer, have previewed a new PF_RING-based technology they have co-developed that allows Linux users to fully exploit the hardware capabilities of the newest Intel X520 10 Gbit adapter (based on Intel 82599 controller). This technology that is close to public availability (at no cost), will enable PF_RING users to program the X520 card with (over 32’000) rules that allow to both balance and filter traffic in hardware with no CPU intervention. Linux users will be able to prioritize traffic, move specific traffic to selected CPU cores, and implement 10Gbit efficient hardware-based firewalls using a low cost commodity adapter. A specific TNAPI version for 82599-based NICs will enable developers to even further accelerate their monitoring and security applications.

Luca and Joseph thank Peter Waskiewicz Jr for his support during the development of this driver.

Intel X520 10 Gbit card

Intel X520 Card

Intel demo setup

Intel Conference – Demo Setup

Intel Fellow Radia Perlman with Luca Deri and Joseph Gasparakis

Intel Fellow and “Mother of the Internet” Radia Perlman visit Luca and Joseph

Luca Deri with Joseph Gasparakis, Senior Intel Engineer

Joseph and Luca during the conference