Introducing nBox 2.0 (aka how to use/configure ntop apps using a web GUI)

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Years ago we decided to create the nBox appliance as turn-key solution for those that were not fans of the command line. Then we decided to rewrite the nBox GUI to make it simpler, more modern, and usable by all ntop users, to configure ntop, nProbe, n2disk, PF_RING and DNA.

nbox 2.0


In essence we have created a new web interface that can simplify your configurations, assist with complex things such as core affinity or DNA configuration, and let you focus on ntop applications rather than on their configuration. You can download the nBox from the packages site, or use (suggested) the apt site for configuring everything adding this repository to your apt sources as describe on the site.



  • The nBox GUI is released under GPLv3: feel free to use it and enjoy it.
  • Initially we have packaged the nBox GUI for Linux Ubuntu, but we plan to port it soon to RedHat/CentOS.
  • We encourage you to test the nBox GUI and send us patches and bug reports.
  • Every night we build new/fresh packages, so you can keep your apps up-to-date with no hassle.
  • Unfortunately Linux Ubuntu updates the kernel very often. This requires that the PF_RING package we build uses the same kernel version of your box. Make sure that both kernel versions are the same otherwise you need to update your kernel and align it to our version. You have been warned!