October 7th: Webinar on ntopng 5.0. You’re invited !

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This is to invite you to the webinar about ntopng 5.0 released this summer. The idea is to walk through the new features and possibilities offered by this version.

We hope to see you all !

Webinar Content

ntopng was initially designed as a tool for real-time network traffic monitoring, with the release 5.0. we have started its transition from monitoring to an AIOps tool. We wanted to make it more accessible and intelligent, able to analyze network metrics in real-time and collapse tens or even thousands of metrics into a subset of actionable signals.

In this webinar we will show the new insights generated with:

  • Service maps to detect expected and unexpected network services (i.e. lateral movements).
  • The ‘score’ indicator of compromise combines tens of indicators to detect misbehaving hosts analysis.
  • Behavioural Encrypted Traffic Analysis (ETA).

We will also briefly introduce the new platforms supported FreeBSD, OPNsense and pfSense.