FOSDEM 2021 – Retrospective

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FOSDEM 2021 has been an awesome event. For the first time in its history, the event was fully virtual with multiple parallel live streams.

According to the infrastructure statistics, it had about 8,000 visitors of which about 5,000 were watching the live streams.

A huge volunteering work has been necessary to make this event happen and ntop is immensely grateful to all those beautiful people who have donated their expertise and time.

We, as ntop, have had the opportunity to present a couple of talks in the Network monitoring, discovery and inventory devroom, namely “Using nDPI for Monitoring and Security” and “ntopng network monitoring and discovery“.

In addition, we have been given a virtual stand (video) and a chatroom to present our opensource-related activities. We have organized a series of activities within our virtual stand, to showcase and demonstrate use cases of our opensource software.

Below you can find all the ntop-related activities we have organized, along with links to video recordings and slides.

Event Speakers Video Slides


Welcome to the stand for ntop
ntop @ FOSDEM
Ongoing developments and future directions
Luca Deri ▶️ 📁
ntopng for IoT
How to Profitably Use ntopng in Smart Homes
Antonis Gotsis ▶️ 📁
Industrial Network Monitoring With ntopng
A Look into Industrial Network Protocols With ntopng
Martin Scheu ▶️ 📁
Using nDPI for Monitoring and Security
nDPI in practice
Luca Deri 📁
ntopng network monitoring and discovery
Network discovery with ntopng
Matteo Biscosi
Chat With the ntop Developers
Meet with the Community
Installation Party
Tips&Tricks for best results


ntopng and Cybersecurity
Sorting Out Real-World issues with ntopng
Giordano Zambelli ▶️ 📁
ntopng Network Monitoring and Discovery
A Follow-Up with Live Demo and Examples
Matteo Biscosi ▶️
ntopng Flexible Alerts – Endpoints and Recipients
How to Deliver ntopng Alerts to Downstream Recipients
Matteo Biscosi ▶️
Round Table and Discussion
Meet with the Community
Installation Party
Tips&Tricks for Best Results