You’re invited to the ntop Meetup at Flocon 2016

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Topic: ntop Meetup – Affordable High-Speed Sensors Everywhere

Abstract:  Come and meet Luca Deri, members of the ntop team, and fellow “ntop stack” users and partners as we talk about making instrumentation of the entire infrastructure possible with sensor prices at cost points not before considered possible!  Luca and his team are also looking for your input and feedback for their 2016 roadmap!
When: 5:30-7:00 p.m., Wednesday, January 13th
Location:  Flocon 2016 Conference, Coquina Ballroom A
Refreshments provided courtesy of Kentik Technologies

1) Luca Deri:  ntop Roadmap/Discussion (30 mins), including:
  – High speed PF_RING with broad 100 Gbit NIC/capture card support
  – Using policy for flexible instrumentation: Flows for everything, pcap for something
  – High-speed packet to disk for connected forensics: connecting flows with packets
  – Non-IPFIX flow export protocols: JSON/Kafka/ElasticSearch, Kflow.
  – Flow monitoring and DDoS: using software scrubbers to protect networks and sensors.

  – Monitoring and inline traffic policing

2) ntop users & partners will share their use cases and feature wish lists (60 mins):

  – OISF/Suricata
  – Kentik
  – Accolade Technology
  – PacketChaser/FireEye
  – Principal
  – Napatech
  – Telesoft
  – others (?)

3) Open Q & A – we want to hear what you think!