Are ntop products privacy-compliant? Do you send data to the cloud or third party?

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ntop products do not send any data out. This means if you install our tools in a private network, the tool does not send any data your system is processing to ntop (or third party). Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) is computed locally without disclosing any information or talking to the cloud for carrying on the job.

Our tools are designed to operate on private networks with no Internet connectivity. You need to contact ntopng servers for

  • Generating licenses: in case of no Internet access you can create the license on a different system (with Internet access) and then deploy the license on the end system (with no Internet access).
  • In case you decided not to generate file-based licenses, and you want to do online license check.

Additionally ntopng can contact (but not share any information) ntop servers whenever inside ntopng:

  • A check if a new software version is available (contact and
  • Read the latest blog news (contact
  • If you decide to share telemetry information (contact