What is included in ntopng Enterprise L/XL Bundle?

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In addition to those features already available in ntopng Pro and Enterprise M, ntopng Enterprise L adds enhanced functionalities such as Identity Management support. Identity Management is the ability to correlate network traffic with users (for instance those connecting through a VPN server).

In order to simplify the installation and deployment, ntopng Enterprise L/XL also comes with a Bundle edition, (that should not be confused with ntopng Enterprise L/XL that is just ntopng) that also unlocks (without generation additional licenses):

ntopng Enterprise L Bundle


ntopng Enterprise XL Bundle

In essence after you have installed the ntopng Enterprise L/XL Bundle license, you just need to install nProbe and n2disk packages with no further license installation.


  • We assume that all licenses have to be installed on the same host. This means that you cannot install nProbe on host X, n2disk on host Y and ntopng on host Z.
  • We assume that the ntopng license is installed on /etc/ntopng.license and not on the ntopng web interface as otherwise nProbe and n2disk are unable to read it.
  • You need to create only /etc/ntopng.license and no license for nProbe/n2disk.

You can read here what are the differences in terms of features across all the various ntopng editions.