PF_RING and Network Namespaces

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Last week we made a couple of presentations at LinuxLab 2017 where we spoke about Containers, focusing on Network Namespaces support in PF_RING, and User and IoT-oriented Network Traffic Monitoring on Embedded Devices.

With the advent of Containers, processes isolation has become extremely easy and effective, to the point that ordinary Virtual Machines have been reconsidered. Many ntop users today are running traffic monitoring applications in Docker, thus it’s important to understand how Containers work and how to make the best use of them. Network isolation is provided by Network Namespaces, a native feature of the Linux kernel, that virtualize the network stack. With this talk we have seen what exactly happens under the hood of Network Namespaces, focusing on raw packet capture, and we learnt that even when we are not running containers in Linux, we are running in a Namespace.

Those who have not been able to attend this event can find our presentation slides below.