Introducing n2disk 2.8 with Microburst Detection

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Together with PF_RING 6.6, today we also released n2disk 2.8. In this release we introduced support for microburst detection in order to spot traffic bursts, which is crucial in identifying potential capacity issues and troubleshooting packet loss in network equipments. We also improved our “fast” BPF engine extending the supported primitives, and improving the ability to match tunneled traffic. More tools have been added, for playing with the dump set, for instance for moving part of the dump set to an external storage, or deleting PCAP files in a specified time interval.

Below the complete changelog for all details.


  • n2disk (recording)
    • Performance improvements for 40 Gbit packet-to-disk with both Intel and FPGA-based NICs.
    • Support for microburst detection
    • n2disk renamed to n2disk5g, n2disk10g renamed to n2disk, n2disk10g and n2disknt are now symlinks to n2disk
    • Fast BPF support for rules with relative byte match (e.g. udp[9]!=0x0a)
    • Improved tunnels parsing, support for PPTP GRE
    • Implemented –exec-cmd for executing a command when a pcap file has been dumped
    • Improved systemd scripts
    • New –daemon option
    • Maximum supported Napatech segment size moved from 1MB to 4MB
    • Changed -z N limit from “num files – 1” to “num files”, to improve indexing load distribution
    • 64bit counters print fix
    • Support of Silicom/FiberBlaze NICs in burst mode for 10/40 Gbit packet-to-disk.
  • npcapextract (extraction)
    • Fixed extraction with empty filter
    • Fix for -P option
  • Tools
    • New npcapmanage utility to delete pcap files from timeline in a time interval
    • New npcapmove utility to move a pcap file with its index and timeline to a new storage path
    • New myritool utility for Myricom cards
    • Improved nttool utility for Napatech cards, added card S/N, removed ntlib dep (dlopen support)
    • Fixed index header dump v2 in npcapindex