ntopConf2022: News, Announcements and Future Plans

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Last week the ntopConf 2022 was held in presence in Milan at Bocconi University and about 100 people attended it.

Presentation material including slides and videos are available at the conference page so even if you have missed this event you can see what happened and presented.

On a nutshell:

      • This July we will release new software versions including a major nProbe 10 release.
      • We are modifying our tools to accommodate the SaaS model as some of our users provide services and we want to simplify their lives.
      • We are working at a low-cost hardware solution that we plan to introduce in Q3 that should be a turn-key solution for SMEs that need a simple solution for traffic monitoring, cybersecurity and (optional) enforcement.
    • We are integrating ntop tools with Catchpoint products, in order to complement their solutions with traffic analysis.
    • We are also working with Greenbone Networks (the creators of OpenVAS) to create an open-source solution for traffic visibility and vulnerability assessment.
    • Finally, we are planning to integrate in ntopng Microsoft-provided blacklists and in return export to Azure ntopng-monitored flows. We are still making plans (in particular for avoiding privacy concerns), but the idea is to enable our users to optionally contribute to report cybersecurity efforts and benefit from them by means of timely notifications of compromised IPs that can contact ntop-monitored hosts.

There is a lot of work on the table, we invite you to comment on all this using our community channels, so that we know your opinion.

Finally next year we’ll celebrate 25 years since the introduction of the original ntop. We will probably meet in Pisa, where everything started, but no plans are set. We have one year of hard work in front of us. If somebody wants to join the ntop core team, please send your CV to jobs@ntop.org.