Bringing Network Visibility, Cybersecurity and Encrypted Traffic Analysis to OPNsense, pfSense and FreeBSD

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This is to announce the immediate availability of both ntopng and nProbe for OPNsense, pfSense and FreeBSD, directly supported by ntop, with nightly builds and all the features present on all other supported platforms such as Linux, Windows and MacOS. You can now

  • Monitor network traffic based on nDPI.
  • Encrypted traffic analysis (ETA) that enables you to have visibility of encrypted traffic and answer to questions such as: what portion of my available bandwidth is used by Netflix?
  • Cyber threats analysis: ntopng con be used to effectively detect attacks, anomalies and malware including SunBurst, Qakbot and Trickbot.
  • Support enterprise protocols such as NetFlow, sFlow, and SNMP, that can be combined with packet-based visibility.


You can download packages from and once installed they can be administered from the GUI as shown in the picture below.


Video Guides

User’s Guides

We have created specific guides for OPNsense:

that can complement the product user’s guides.

Questions ?

You can contact the ntop team and the rest of the community by using our community support.

Enjoy !

PS. Stay tuned as soon we’ll have some exciting news to share.