Welcome to ntopng 5.2: Historical Data Analysis, Better Performance and Alerting

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Initially designed as a maintenance release, 5.2 brings many improvements in its processing engine with over 3’000 code commits. The main goal is to enhance application scalability by optimising memory and CPU usage, while introducing a new persistency layer based on ClickHouse that has replaced nIndex a home-grown high-performance indexing system that we introduced years ago. This layer enables ntopng 5.2 to store billion of flow records and alerts with limited disk space and sub-second response time by providing full visibility in terms of packets, flows and alerts.

In essence ntopng features nDPI-based cybersecurity traffic analysis that means that network activities are not just reported but also interpreted: in case of accident you can start your analysis from alerts, then drill-down to flows and eventually packets, all from within the ntopng user interface. In addition to this we have integrated traffic visibility provided by packets/sFlow/NetFlow with SNMP-based infrastructure visibility so that you can leverage on protocols such as LLDP and CDP just introduced in 5.2 that allows you to see where your traffic flows in the company infrastructure.

The list of features is very long so you can read about them in the changelog below. If you have time, you can stop by the ntop stand at FOSDEM 2022 this Saturday, where we can show you this new release in detail and meet the ntop team.

In the coming weeks, we’ll make the plans for the next release that we’ll discuss together.

Enjoy !


ntopng 5.2 (February 2022)



  • New ClickHouse support for storing historical data, replacing nIndex support (data migration available)
  • Advanced Historical Flow Explorer, with the ability to define custom queries using JSON-based configurations
  • New Historical Data Analysis page (including Score, Applications, Alerts, AS analysis), with the ability to define custom reports with charts
  • Enhanced drill down from charts and historical flow data and alerts to PCAP data
  • nEdge support for Ubuntu 20
  • Enhanced support for Observation Points


  • Improve CPU utilization and memory footprint
  • Improve historical data retention management for flows and timeseries
  • Improve periodic activities handling, with support for strict and relaxed (delayed) tasks
  • Improve filtering and analysis of the historical flows
  • Improve alert explorer and filtering
  • Improve Enterprise dashboard look and feel
  • Improve the speedtest support and servers selection
  • Improve support for ping and continuous ping (ICMP) for active monitoring
  • Improve flow-direction handling
  • Improve localization (including DE and IT translations)
  • Improve IPS policies management
    • Add IPS activities logging (e.g. block, unblock)
  • Improve SNMP support
    • Optimize polling of SNMP devices
    • Improve SNMP v3 support
    • Add more information including version
    • Stateful SNMP alert to detect too many MACs on non-trunk
    • Perform fat MIBs poll on average every 15 minutes
    • Add preference to disable polling of SNMP fat MIBs
  • Add more information to the historical flow data, including Latency, AS, Observation Points, SNMP interface, Host Pools
  • Add detailed view of historical flows and alerts
  • Add support for nProbe field L7_INFO
  • Add ICMP flood alert
  • Add Checks exclusion settings for subnets and for hosts and domains globally
  • Add CDP support
  • Add more regression tests
  • Add support for obsolete client SSH version
  • Add support for ERSPAN version 2 (type III)
  • Add support for all the new nDPI Flow Risks added in nDPI 4.2
  • Add extra info to service and periodicity map hosts
  • Add Top Sites check
    • Getter for the bridge MIB
    • Getter for LLDP adjacencies
    • Check for BPF filters
    • Score charts timeseries and analysis


  • Encapsulated traffic is accounted for the lenght of the encapsulated packet and not of the original packet
  • Remove nIndex support, including the flow explorer
  • Remove MySQL historical flow explorer (export only)
  • Hide LDAP password from logs


  • Fix a few memory leaks, double free, buffer overflow and invalid memory access
  • Fix SQLite initialization
  • Fix support for fragmented packets
  • Fix IP validation in modals
  • Fix netplan configuration manager
  • Fix blog notifications
  • Fix time range picker to support all browsers
  • Fix binary application transfer name in alerts
  • Fix glitches in chart drag operations
  • Fix pools edit/remove
  • Fix InfluxDB timeseries export
  • Fix ELK memory leak
  • Fix TLS version for obsolete TLS alerts when collecting flows
  • Fix fields conversion in timeseries charts filters
  • Fix some invalid nProbe field mapping
  • Fix hosts Geomap
  • Fix slow shutdown termination
  • Fix wrong Call-ID 0 with RTP streams with no SIP stream associated
  • Fix ping support for FreeBSD
  • Fix active monitoring interface list
  • Fix host names not always shown
  • Fix host pools stats
  • Fix UTF8 encoding issues in localization tools
  • Fix time/timezone in forwarded syslog messages
  • Fix unknown process alert
  • Fix nil DOM javascript error
  • Fix country not always shown in flow alerts
  • Fix non-initialized traffic profiles
  • Fix traffic profiles not working over ZMQ
  • Fix syslog collection
  • Fix async SNMP calls blocking the execution
  • Fix CPU stats timeseries
  • Fix InfluxDB attempts to alwa re-create retention policies
  • Fix REST API ts.lua returning 24h data
  • Fix processing of DNS packets under certain conditions
  • Fix invalid space in SNMP Hostnames
  • Fix REST API incompat. (/get/alert/severity/counters.lua, /get/alert/type/counters.lua)
  • Fix map layout not saved correctly
  • Fix LLDP topology for Juniper routers
  • Fix not authorized error when editing SNMP devices
  • Fix double 95perc, splitted avg and 95perc in sent/rcvd in charts
  • Fix inconsistent local/remote timeseries
  • Fix Risks generation in IPS policy configuration
  • Fix deletion of sub-interface
  • Fix deadline not honored when monitoring SNMP devices
  • Fix traffic profiles on L7 protocols
  • Fix TCP connection refused check
  • Fix failures when the DB is not reacheable
  • Fix segfault with View interfaces
  • Fix hosts wrongly detected as Local
  • Fix missing throughputs in countries


  • Enforces proxy exclusions with env var no_proxy
  • Move Lua engine to 5.4
  • Major code review and cleanup


  • Add support for Ubuntu 20
  • Add ability to logout when using the Captive Portal
  • Add per egress interface stats and timeseries
  • Add active DHCP leases in UI and REST API
  • Add daily/weekly/monthly quotas
  • Add service and periodicity maps and alerts
  • Fix Captive Portal not working due to invalid allowed interface
  • Fix addition of static DHCP leases
  • Fix factory reset
  • Fix reboot button