Introducing PF_RING 8.4: Zero-Copy Promisc Capture on Virtual Functions

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This is to announce a new PF_RING release 8.4 !

This stable release adds zero-copy support for a new range of (virtual) adapters from Intel: the iavf-zc driver can be used to capture traffic from i40e (X710/XL710) and ice (E810) Virtual Functions. This new driver paves the way for new packet capture architectures as it enables high-speed promiscuous capture on Virtual Functions by leveraging on the SR-IOV trust mode available on Intel X710/XL710 adapters. It is now possible for instance to capture all traffic hitting the physical interface from multiple Virtual Functions (promiscuous mode), or filter it based on the VLAN or MAC address.

This new release also adds full control on the hardware clock availble on E810 adapters, in fact it includes a new API for reading, setting and adjusting the adapter clock, get packet timestamps, send packets and read the exact transmission time. The NVIDIA/Mellanox support has also been improved, by extending the filtering capabilities, and adding more tools/sample code to capture or transmit traffic fully leveraging on the multiqueue/multithread support.

Many other improvements are available in this release, please check the full changelog below for the whole list! Enjoy!


PF_RING Library

  • New API pfring_get_ethtool_link_speed
  • Add vlan_id to flow rule struct
  • Add optimization flags to BPF filters compiled with pcap_compile
  • Fix pfring_open_multichannel

PF_RING Kernel Module

  •  Add keep_vlan_offload option to avoid reinserting VLAN header on VLAN interfaces when used inline

ZC Library

  • New ZC APIs (available on supported adapters)
    • pfring_zc_get_device_clock
    • pfring_zc_set_device_clock
    • pfring_zc_adjust_device_clock
    • pfring_zc_send_pkt_get_time
  • Add new pfring_zc_run_fanout_v3 API to support more than 64 fan-out queues
  • Add support for capturing stack packets, used by zcount and zbalance_ipc

PF_RING Capture Modules and ZC Drivers

  • New iavf-zc driver to support i40e and ice Virtual Functions
    • Support for VF trust mode on ice adapters (promisc with SR-IOV)
  • Improve ice driver (E810 adapters)
    • Update ice driver to v.1.9.11
    • Add support to get time, set time, adjust time, send get time
  • Improve the NVIDIA/Mellanox (mlx) driver
    • Extend hardware rules
    • Add support for VLAN filtering
    • Add set_default_hw_action API
    • Fix reported link speed
    • Fix bidirectional rules
    • Fix pfring_poll support
  • Improve the Napatech driver
    • Add nanosecond timestamp capture when using the packet API in PCAP chunk mode
  • Improve the ZC drivers API to support more callbacks
  • Add socket extensions (getsockopt/setsockopt):
    • SO_GET_DEV_STATS (get_stats ZC drivers callback)
    • SO_GET_DEV_TX_TIME (get_tx_time ZC drivers callback)
    • SO_SET_DEV_TIME (set_time ZC drivers callback)
    • SO_SET_ADJ_TIME (adjust_time ZC drivers callback)
  • Add management_only_mode to allow opening multiple sockets on the same ZC interface
  • Update drivers to support latest RH 9.1, Ubuntu 22, Debian kernels

FT Library

  •  Fix double free


  • Add icmp protocol primitive support


  • Update npcap lib to support for nanosecond time in packet extraction

PF_RING-aware Libpcap/Tcpdump

  • Update tcpdump to v.4.99.1
  • Update libpcap to v.1.10.1


  • Add ztime example
    • Ability to set/adjust the card clock without capturing/transmitting traffic (external process)
    • Test for the send-get-time feature
  • pfsend
    • Flush queued packets when waiting at real pcap rate and on shutdown
    • Fix headers ranzomization
    • Fix crash with -z
  • pfsend_multichannel
    • Add support for controlling IPs generated
  • pfcount
    • Add -I option to print interface info in JSON format
  • pfcount_multichannel
    • Print full packet metadata with -v
  • zbalance_ipc
    • Add support for up to 128 queues with -m 1 and -m 2 (new v3 api)
    • Add -X option to capture TX traffic (standard driver only)
    • Fix check for queues limit
  • zdelay
    • Fix queue size (power of 2)


  • Add pfcount_multichannel and pfsend_multichannel to packages
  • Service script (pf_ringctl)
    • Add support for configuring RSS via ethtool
    • Add pre/post scripts for ZC drivers
    • Handle multi-line driver conf file
  • Removed obsolete fm10k driver