PF_RING 5.5.2 Released

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  • Fix for corrupted VLAN tagged packets
  • Userspace bpf support (when using dna)
  • PF_RING-aware igb default moved to 4.0.17
  • Flow Control  rx/tx automatically disabled by the driver
  • Added DAQ drivers into RPM (
  • New pfring_open() flag PF_RING_DNA_FIXED_RSS_Q_0 to send all traffic to queue 0 and select other queues with hw filters (DNA cards with hw filtering only)
  • Added check for modern libc versions
  • New pfdnacluster_mt_rss_frwd sample app (packet forwarding using libzero dna cluster for rx/balancing and standard dna with zero-copy on rss queues for tx)
  • Added ability to create a stats file under /proc/net/pf_ring/stats so that
  • Applications can report stats via the /proc filesystem.
  • Added pfring_set_application_stats() for reporting stats
  • Added pfring_get_appl_stats_file_name() for getting the exact filename where the app sets the statistics
  • Updated pfcount and pfsend to report stats using these new primitives
  • pfcount: -v option changed
    •  -v 1: same as -v (in the previous version)
    •  -v 2: same as “-v 1” with the difference that the whole packet is printed in hex
  • Due to popular demand we moved from LGPL3 to LGPL2.1