Introducing PF_RING 8.2: New Mellanox Support

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This is to announce a new PF_RING release 8.2!

This new stable version adds support for a new family of ASIC-based adapters from Mellanox/NVIDIA, including ConnectX-5 and ConnectX-6 (please check the User’s Guide for the exact list of supported firmwares). This new driver/adapter combination delivers high performance (in our tests nProbe Cento was able to scale up to 100 Gbps with worst case traffic using a few CPU cores) and provides high flexibility, with support for hardware packet filtering, traffic duplication, load-balancing and nanosecond hardware timestamping as described in a previous post.

This release also adds support for the latest kernels for the ZC drivers for Intel adapters, including those shipped with RedHat/CentOS compatible Rocky Linux (8.5) and Ubuntu LTS (22) , and it is integrated with the latest SDKs for the FPGA capture modules (Accolade, Napatech, Silicom/Fiberblaze).

Please check the full changelog below for the whole list of enhancements. Enjoy!


PF_RING Library

  • New new pfring_get_caplen API
  • New pfring_get_link_type API
  • Add src_ip_mask and dst_ip_mask to generic_flow_rule
  • Add priority to hw_filtering_rule
  • Add module version to device info returned by pfring_findalldevs
  • Refactor device name parsing
  • Use sockaddr_ll in bind (to supports interface names longer than 14 chars)

ZC Library

  • New Mellanox support for ConnectX 4/5/6 adapters, including hardware offloads for timestamp, filtering, RSS
  • Fix pfring_zc_numa_get_cpu_node

FT Library

  • Add native support for flow export over ZMQ

PF_RING Kernel Module

  • Add support for VXLAN
  • Add support for both sockaddr and sockaddr_ll in bind
  • Refactor kernel locking
  • Discard VLAN in hash cluster_per_flow_ip_with_dup_tuple calculation
  • Detect when a process owning a PF_RING socket changes the PID (e.g. fork)
  • Export process PID to userspace
  • Fix compilation on latest kernels for Rocky Linux and RH 8.5, Debian 9, 10, 11, Ubuntu 18, 20, 22
  • Fix net namespace handling
  • Fix crash when renaming /proc entries

PF_RING Capture Modules

  • Fix drop statistics on Napatech with HBA set

ZC Drivers

  • New igb-zc driver v.5.10.2
  • New i40e-zc driver v.2.17.4
  • New ice-zc driver v.1.8.8


  • Fix double free

Application Examples

  • New sample application pfsend_multichannel to send traffic using RSS
  • New zdelay application to forward traffic between interfaces, adding a configurable delay
  • pfcount_multichannel: remove limit on number of threads
  • zbalance_ipc: improve hashing modes (e.g. add -Y to control eth type)
  • pfcount:
    • Add -0 to steer all traffic to RSS queueu 0
    • Add -P to set rule priority
  • ftflow_dpdk:
    • Set RSS mode/hf (required on some adapters e.g. Mellanox)
    • Use time from hardware timestamp when available


  • Add support for Ubuntu 22
  • Remove nBroker support (fm10k adapters are EOL)