20 Years of ntop: The Conference

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Last Friday Oct 26th, at the University of Pisa we have celebrated 20 years of ntop open source code development and hacking culture. It has been a success with over 110 registered people, and 24 people in the morning training session. We decided to celebrate this event where ntop was created, and where most of the team lives. The idea is to periodically repeat this event  in other locations. The core of these meetings is the community, rather than the core team. The main feedback we received is that people want to know more about our tools and that training is a very important piece of all this. We discussed about the history of ntop, how people use ntopng in security, and also made a preview of the experiments we’re carrying on including the use of vocal interfaces for interacting with the tools, and how we are moving towards system introspection. As this was a domestic event, most of the presentations are in Italian and can be found below.

Luca Deri
20 anni di ntop

Guido Falsi
Opensource e pacchettizzazione di ntop su FreeBSD

Piero Nicoletti
Troubleshooting e analisi del traffico di rete

Simone Bonetti
Come monitorare lo stato di salute di una rete

Antonio Pandolfi
Detection di protocol tunnelling usando ntop

Georg Kostner
Monitoraggio della Real User Experience [EN]

Cristiano Bozzi e Raffaele Borgese
ntop e il mondo della nautica

Alfredo Cardigliano
14 anni di PF_RING [EN]

Francesco Staccini
Uso di interfacce vocali in ntopng

Samuele Sabella
System e Network Monitoring in ntopng